Dimm Modul1 1000

At the “Boot 2016” the “nanokinetic switch” has been introduced as a world first. This new construction permits an entirely new way of operating diving lamps.

The “nanokinetic switch” is designed for switching the lamp on or off and for dimming. Just this feature itself would not be a world first, but the “nanokinetic switch” can be operated

  • without cut-through of the housing
  • without magnetic switch
  • without Reed contact

The lamp is operated by just touching its housing at a certain point.

Wouldn’t you know the usual problems caused by diving lamps switches – due to soiling a ring can’t be turned or the feeler of the Reed contact got jammed. All these problems are not incurred using the “nanokinetic switch”. That’s why this kind of technology is ideal for demanding cave and/or wreck diving.

The first product featuring the “nanokinetic switch” is the dimming module designed for the MPL series (see photo). This dimming module with its “nanokinetic switch” can be installed in all lamps of the MPL series, optimally in the short version. This module switches the lamp on and off and offers two dimming levels (30% / 100%).

We are keeping the modular approach in mind. Should the dimming module not be required can it be taken off and switching the lamp on or off is carried out by turning the lamp head as usual.

We are in the process of designing more FOC-TEC products featuring the “nanokinetic switch”.