Why opt for a FOC-TEC diving light?

Why should an ambitious diver (scuba diver and/or professional diver) opt for a FOC-TEC diving light?

Made in Germany

The MPL and TT light systems, formerly sold under the name “TillyTec”, are designed and produced in Germany. The latest edition of both diving torch systems (“Evolution”) is now distributed and sold under the name “FOC-TEC”. FOC-TEC is not a new company but rather has been leading in the development and production of both diving lamp systems for ten years. With the TT und MPL Evolution FOC-TEC has created a unique diving lamp system and is providing the most advanced technology and innovation to their customers. FOC-TEC’s objective is maintaining its position as a pioneer in the field of light in the future as well.

A completely modular system

FOC-TEC’s MPL and TT Evolution light system is the only entirely modular light system. All the basic components of both systems can be combined and/or upgraded. For both systems various light heads, battery tanks, cable sets or components for special functions (e. g. the dimming module) are available. There are virtually unlimited possibilities and the light system can be tailored to particular consumer needs.

A simple hand lamp with a handle or Goodman grip can be modified for use as a battery tank lamp or component of a side mount system. Various light heads can be selected depending on the field of operation or individual desire. The system range reaches from components for a lot of light to an extreme amount of light, from spotlight to floodlight, special video lamps and UV light up to light heads for special combinations of spotlight and floodlight. The dimming module or cable sets with integrated dimming function permit the further expansion of the light system.

That’s why a FOC-TEC torch can be upgraded at anytime and adapted to any situation. Whether you are a scuba diver, technical diver, professional or military diver, you can put together your optimum FOC-TEC lamp individually.

High-quality materials

For the production of their lamps FOC-TEC uses high-quality materials only. This applies to all components including the housings, glass components, LED-modules, rechargeable batteries etc. As soon as you are holding one of these lamps in your hands you will realize that FOC-TEC did not skimp on the materials. Our idea is rather providing a sturdier lamp, even if its production cost is higher than producing a less durable product.

Compatibility for many years

Most producers launch new products after a certain period of time. Unfortunately these light systems are not generally compatible. FOC-TEC has a different idea. Although the MPL and TT systems have been improved continuously, lamps of the various generations are almost fully compatible. No other producer is providing this long-term compatibility of his products.

Repairability and durability

We are living in a throwaway society and have become accustomed to rather discarding something than repairing it.

However, to FOC-TEC repairability and durability of their products are important factors. As far as possible all products are designed so that any defect can be repaired fast and easily. In this respect particularly noteworthy is the use of a cell holder for rechargeable batteries. FOC-TEC uses type 18650 cells. This is the worldwide most widely used industrial standard for rechargeable batteries. The identical design is used in vehicles built by “Tesla” company. In TT System lamps type 18650 cells are installed in a battery holder rather than built into a battery pack.

If required each single defective rechargeable battery can be replaced individually instead of replacing the complete battery pack or at the end of their life-span the batteries can be replaced economically. This design also allows for an easy upgrade in technology or capacity if new type 18650 cells are available.

Upgrades of the battery tanks and light heads

Long-term compatibility in connection with durability permits upgrading older light heads and/or battery tank technology to the latest product generation. This is another unique feature of the FOC-TEC light system.